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No Intimacy

Giacometti stared intensely

at his models, day after day,
and asked them to stare back at him with mirrored intensity.

Paradoxically, he also said the
longer he looked at someone,
the more impossible it became
to see them. He was tryiing to
draw his own perception,
of whomever he was looking at.

I share that sense of drawing,
but for me there is another

paradox at the heart of it. 


I don’t see a figure as a shape
but as movement obscured
by its shape. 

In drawing, I am trying to

find that movement,

caught in an image.

This demands a sense of intimacy

with the figure, and at the
same time a sense of abstraction
and absence. 

In this space of no intimacy

a drawing comes to life.

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